From the stoop, to the stage, to the stars


Featuring a foreword by Austin Creed, aka Xavier Woods of the WWE tag team The New Day.
Over five years in the making, the highly anticipated rapper's memoir shows how hip-hop, education and video games keep Mega Ran on a straight and narrow path, but also gave him the courage to completely depart from it and create a foothold in the most unlikely of vocations.

Part-self-help manual and part educational testimony, Dream Master takes readers on a gripping journey from page one. Through his travels from a latchkey kid in Philadelphia to a lone standout in Phoenix, and finding himself through inspirations from Bo Jackson to the late MF DOOM. "Dream Master" is intimate, gut-wrenching, humorous, and most of all, hopeful.

Reflecting on the 40 years leading to his improbable Guinness World Record certification in 2018, Mega Ran revisits historical flashpoints such as Jesse Jackson's presidential run, the controversial MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, and the horrific events of September 11, 2001 through a young man's eyes who is determined to change his environment for the better.

This painstakingly written memoir captures Raheem's hopes, dreams and extraordinary milestones, and serves up an inspirational story that readers in any line of work, from any corner of the world can enjoy and learn from.
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